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More Accuracy, Less Work, No Tape Measure

Safer, faster, and more accurate food processor production

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: August 21, 2023


Industrial Equipment





Measurements for these industrial food processors must be spot on, or the internal conveyors won’t run smoothly. But measuring each weld with a tape measure and laying them all out by hand takes too long. In addition, once the frame is tacked in place, positioning it for welding means manually flipping it over on the floor. Not only is it dangerous to move these large and heavy parts, it’s also uncomfortable and time-consuming.



• Powered manipulator

• Tooling package

The solution is a M2000 powered manipulator with a tooling kit to holds parts in place with extreme accuracy. Parts only have to be loaded once to complete all welds, and the manipulator allows for push-button control of lift, tilt and rotate positioning.



The result is repeatable accuracy in half the time and with much less rework. Modular fixturing allows parts to be loaded quickly, and the precision hole pattern and compatibility of components and tables means tape measures and hand layout are no longer necessary to achieve welds that keep the conveyor running smoothly. Even better, welders no longer have to flip cumbersome frames on the floor between welds. Safer, faster, and more accurate — problem solved.


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