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Perfect Alignment Every Time

Modular solution delivers repeatable accuracy for ring beam builds

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: January 23, 2023




Varying Part Sizes

Grain bin legs, ring beams, large structures 2023/01/Bluco_grainbin_app-snap-e1674498820346.jpg


The larger the part, the bigger the problem misalignment can become. And when that part is curved, the harder it can be to hold alignment during the build — especially when there are multiple part sizes and curvatures, like these grain bin ring beams. The holes need to align for assembly, and the rings vary in size because there are a variety of bin diameters. So what’s the ideal fixturing solution?



  • 3D Welding Tables
  • Custom fixture design template
  • Modular component kit with adjustable spacers

A modular welding table becomes an even more powerful asset when paired with a setting template designed by fixturing specialists. The template marks the placement of every modular component for quick setup and easy, repeatable changeover. Adjustable spacers allow multiple radii to be held correctly without adjusting modular angle placement.



The prototype bin comes together flawlessly. Misalignment issues are eliminated, and grain bin rings can be assembled without time-consuming rework. 

On the front end, faster setup means improved efficiency and higher productivity. Accuracy becomes achievable and repeatable. The final product is produced under the allowable time, and assembly is seamless. 

Grain bin legs, ring beams, large structures 2023/01/bluco-1-agriculture-17661-13.jpeg
Grain bin legs, ring beams, large structures

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