Machining Solutions

Eliminate multiple manufacturing challenges with modular fixturing solutions that combine versatility, precision and scalability with Bluco engineering ingenuity.

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Discover Benefits

Engineered to handle anything. And to sacrifice nothing.

3 System Sizes

For small, standard or extra-large size parts

Precision At Any Size

+/- 0.015 mm or less, even for the largest system

Expandable Solutions

Upgrade or add on to an existing system

Fixture Any Part

Easily fixture a variety of materials, weights, sizes and shapes (even castings)

Change Over Faster

CAD models of every fixture for fast re-fixturing & repeatable results

Prototype Like a Pro

Concept new fixtures on the fly with easy to rearrange modular components

Locate Faster

Precision grid eliminates unnecessary locating after initial set-up

Fixture Faster

Set up and change over in less than half the time it takes for manual setups

Machine Faster

Perform multiple operations without stopping to reprogram

Expect End-to-end solutions

This Is What Your CNC Machine Has Been Missing

Get back the time it takes to repeatedly tram the machine head and locate a part on a T-slot bed. We design solutions to fit your bed or pallet exactly, so you can load & go without tramming or locating after initial set-up. Whether it’s a new machine or a retrofit, a gantry/bridge mill or a simple 20″ x 40″ vertical mill, our precision tooling delivers better results in less time.

Getting Started with bluco

1. Share your challenge

Upload a description of your workholding application and a CAD model of your part to our secure online portal. Submitting your info doesn’t mean you’ve made up your mind, it just starts a conversation.

2. Talk With Us

Within 1-2 days, an application engineer will call to set up a design consultation. We never contract out, so you’ll deal directly with Bluco and communications will be kept strictly confidential.

3. Review Your Proposal

Once we understand your challenges and goals, we’ll develop custom modular solutions. Then, we’ll review designs as well as purchase and rental options virtually. Check out the rest of our process here.