Machining Solutions

Eliminate multiple manufacturing challenges with modular fixturing solutions that combine versatility, precision and scalability with Bluco engineering ingenuity.

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Discover Benefits

Engineered to handle anything. And to sacrifice nothing.

3 System Sizes

For small, standard or extra-large size parts

Precision At Any Size

+/- 0.015 mm or less, even for the largest system

Expandable Solutions

Upgrade or add on to an existing system

Fixture Any Part

Easily fixture a variety of materials, weights, sizes and shapes (even castings)

Change Over Faster

CAD models of every fixture for fast re-fixturing & repeatable results

Prototype Like a Pro

Concept new fixtures on the fly with easy to rearrange modular components

Locate Faster

Precision grid eliminates unnecessary locating after initial set-up

Fixture Faster

Set up and change over in less than half the time it takes for manual setups

Machine Faster

Perform multiple operations without stopping to reprogram


New: Bluprint™

Proposals only show how much it will cost. BluPrint proves how much you can gain.