World-Class Fixturing Solutions

We deliver precision modular fixturing for welding, machining, inspection, and assembly. Partner with us and experience the difference.

Welding Solutions for Today and Beyond

Since first introducing modular fixturing for welding in 1994, our dedication to innovation & quality continues to flourish in every solution we create.

Precision Crafted Fixturing for Machining

By utilizing over 250 modular pieces, custom fixtures can be built for any size or shape part in a matter of minutes.

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Going modular unlocks endless solution possibilities, and we are experts in designing modular fixtures for a multitude of applications.

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We believe in the value of highly personal interactions with our customers throughout the entire experience from concept to design and manufacturing, to delivery and beyond.  No project is too small or too large – we can guide you to one of our core products or customize a solution to your unique application. Whether you want to start a chat with us online or schedule a tour and hands-on demonstration, we look forward to working with you on your next fixturing project.

Select a product category below or call 800.535.0135 to discuss your application.