Fixtures just hold parts.

Bluco Modular Fixturing Solutions Solve Manufacturing Challenges.

We design, manufacture, and deliver modular fixturing solutions that help manufacturers Make it Better. We are problem-solvers. We are Bluco.

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Solve manufacturing challenges

Don’t settle for a welding fixture that just holds parts. Let our engineers customize a Bluco Welding Fixturing Solution that helps you reach your goals by eliminating your obstacles.

  • Increase throughput
  • Reduce rework
  • Improve final part quality

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Optimize robotic efficiency

Even robots can’t do all the work by themselves. Integrate a Bluco Modular Fixturing System into your new or existing robotic welding cell and turn it into a powerhouse of productivity.

  • Changeover faster
  • Ensure repeatable accuracy
  • Increase automation efficiency

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CNC Machining
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Reduce CNC machine downtime

When the door of your machine is open, your profits are slipping away. Bluco Modular Solutions for Machining help you fixture twice as fast to keep your machines running twice as long.

  • Reduce unnecessary tramming & locating
  • Eliminate inaccurate t-slot mounting
  • Machine any size part with unparalleled precision

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Keep your boots on the ground

Climbing, reaching or crawling can all impact the accuracy of a weldment. Bluco Modular Positioning Solutions keep you grounded, comfortable and safer than ladders and sawhorses.

  • Move heavy parts without lifting
  • Rotate parts easily and quickly
  • Eliminate unsafe, uncomfortable welding positions

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We Are Problem-solvers.

For over 30 years, Bluco has been providing modular fixturing solutions for thousands of applications in hundreds of industries. The way we work is uniquely designed to prioritize your success by eliminating roadblocks. From installation through implementation, we’re dedicated to helping you Make it Better. Which is why so many of our customers are also repeat customers. Find out what makes us different and why it matters.

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You Expect Results. We Deliver.

I went to the Validation Center. They had a test fixture put together for me, and I brought components of the weldment. We welded them right there on the spot, so it was quick to see that we were getting good parts off the fixture almost instantaneously.

Engineer, Finn

Our partnership with Bluco, it’s unique because what we make is so large and so difficult to fixture, the capabilities of their equipment are unique. There are other welding systems out there, but none of them are as flexible or as all-encompassing as what we can get at Bluco.

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Rev Recreation Group

We had an 18-foot-long oil pan that used to take over a month from start to finish. Now it takes two days. That's astronomical for us.

Robotics Engineer, Fairbanks Morse

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Our guys feel like they’re working with a big Lego set when they build a Bluco fixture. It’s like the biggest playground in the world.

Fabrication Manager, C.R. Onsrud

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On our old fixture, it would take five to eight hours, depending how many guys were working on it. Now, two guys and two and a half to three hours…it’s awesome.

Welder, Falcon Asphalt

Bluco listened, designed and delivered for us in a way that exceeded our expectations. We look forward to relying on the Bluco team for future projects and equipment to streamline our production and both increase the quality of our products and the efficiency of our teams.

Industry Specialist, Sioux corporation

What most impressed me was that about 3 hours after I sent in the CAD design, I was looking at a fixture model on a video conference call with our Bluco engineer. I looked at the model and thought, wow – that will work.

Director of Welding Engineering, Oakland Standard

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A perfect fixture for every past, present or future part is on the shelf ready to be assembled.

Tool Design Supervisor, Waterous Company

One thing I really like is the repeatability of the switch-overs. Going back to a previously run saved fixture location is spot-on each time.

Senior Tool Maker, Brookfield Industries

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about modular fixturing

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Machining Overview

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Our culture defines who we are. It drives us to excel for our customers, and it makes us an extraordinary place to work. When you’re dedicated to doing the right thing, you great things get done.

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Fixtures just hold parts.

Bluco Modular Fixturing Solutions Solve Manufacturing Challenges.