Welding Solutions

Expect more from a Bluco Modular Fixturing Solution than just part holding. We engineer custom solutions that are versatile, scalable, and repeatable.

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The Only Welding Fixturing Solution Designed To Help You Make It Better

Effortless R&D

Accommodate weldment redesigns and versioning easily with movable modular components

Faster Fabrication

Fixture subassemblies twice as fast to relieve bottlenecks & increase throughput

Precise Production

Weld more accurate subassemblies to avoid delays in final part assembly

Compatible Components

Add Bluco modular components to an existing solution at any time

Expandable Solutions

Build up, build out or add on at your pace — we’re here when you’re ready

Easy integrations

Add positioning or robotics systems to optimize efficiency

Duplicate Fixtures

Re-fixture 2x faster with modular components that bolt together in minutes

Duplicate Cells

Multiply the benefits of a modular welding cell by replicating the cell

Duplicate Results

Produce parts accurate to thousandths of an inch – Every. Single. Time.

Welding Fixturing Systems That Do More

Expect more than just part-holding, much more than just a table. Our application engineers design modular fixturing solutions with laser projection for precise part location, custom floor plates for large weldments, and open designs for easy welding access. Need positioners or modular integration that boosts robotic performance? Shop enhancements like weld booms or welding systems? It’s all part of what we do.


New: Bluprint™

proposals only show how much it will cost. BluPrint proves how much you can gain.