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Often copied, never duplicated, Bluco has set the standard for modular excellence for three decades with our singular combination of experience, innovation & capabilities.

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Quality doesn’t just happen overnight. It develops gradually, over decades of learning and hands-on problem-solving. After more than 30 years of modular solution-building, Bluco customers have come to expect nothing less than the world-class quality that comes from our unique experience.

We’ve worked with manufacturers whose machines plow fields, drive production, and support infrastructure. We’ve helped customers who make vehicles to travel by sky, water, land and space. We’ve developed modular solutions for thousands of applications in countless industries. It’s a breadth and depth of experience that influences every aspect of what we do, who we are, and the success we can help you achieve.

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There’s a hard truth about manufacturing: Setting the industry standard for quality today doesn’t guarantee that you will tomorrow. Staying on top means never letting up. Which is why we invest over countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in modular fixturing R&D efforts every year. We revisit every feature of every part, optimizing each surface, angle, hole, and slot. We apply new technology, techniques and materials to reduce weight and increase durability. We redesign, reconfigure and create new components. We’re committed to innovation because we’re commited to quality.

True Customization

At Bluco, we never stop innovating. Whether it’s a PC bolt upgraded with polygons for better clamping force and easier tightening, or this pneumatic drive for effortless rotation, no part is ever finished, no solution ever forgotten.

Attention to Detail

From the frame to the drive and everything in between, our engineers customize every solution to overcome your obstacles and to work with your process.

Customer-centric Design

We don’t change the design of our components just for looks. We make changes that help you make better parts, like these upgraded aluminum angles that are lighter for easier moving, and clamp upgrades and options that can hold any shape or size.

Built for Your Future

We’re not the only ones innovating – so are you. That’s why we build our modular solutions with features like this adjustable frame that can easily accommodate new parts or design changes.

Safety Matters

Innovation means elevation of the comfort and safety of your team. So this rotation wheel offers more than custom increments. We’ve also built in a locking feature, adjustable center of gravity and gear reduction. Left handed? We’ve got a wheel for that. It’s innovation that puts your team first.

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Unparalleled support

Quality parts are key, but so is expert advice & support. Our application engineers are trained problem-solvers. Need your solution installed? Just let us know, and we’ll arrange to be there as soon as you take delivery of your equipment. Need additional fixture designs for your system? Just call or email for a quote. Need training? We’re here for you. To put it simply, we’re committed to being there for our customers. Period.

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In-house Capabilities

No two fixturing challenges are the same, which means that every modular solution is completely unique. That’s why we’ve built a company that can manage your project from end-to-end by doing it ourselves from start to finish. It allows us to deliver the customized solutions you need with the quality and standard of service you deserve. We’re your single point of contact for all of your modular fixturing needs.


Our modular design & development is done by in-house engineers, skilled in manufacturing, welding and/or machining.


All the necessary staff, systems, and supplies for our welding purposes, or customer visits to our Validation Center.


Much of our inventory is manufactured on-site, in our state-of-the-art facility, with a staff of dedicated modular tooling specialists.


Every modular solution is assembled here. From positioners to custom U-form tables, our staff can (and does) build it all.

Quality Assurance

Each of our components is extensively tested to ensure system tolerance, and each weldingtable is laser tested for flatness.


Every system is packed and shipped direct from our warehouse in handmade crates. No detail is left to chance.


Our team can be on-site to get you started, or to handle installation to get your system up and running quickly.


We’ll stick around to train your staff in our modular ways. You’ll also have easy access to ongoing support anytime you need it.

you expect Bluco quality.

we deliver.

Bluco prides itself on providing high-quality products and excellent applications experience, and we agree!


The only struggle we have is trying to decide how big can we make something on these tables. How crazy can we get? And we don’t set the bar low. We’re going to go to the top as fast as we can. Bluco systems are a great tool to help get us there.

Fabrication Manager, C.R. Onsrud

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GMT just installed new BLUCO modular fixturing. This will unlock benefits that are often unattainable with dedicated fixturing. Modular fixturing makes it easy.

VP Sales and Marketing, GMT

There’s nobody that does what Bluco does to the level they do it, including their service.

Plant Manager, Z Modular

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