Positioning Solutions

A quality weld starts with a properly positioned part, and a welder that doesn’t have to reach, lift or bend. Let us help you position your part — and your organization — for success.

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Discover Benefits

Bluco positioning solutions elevate your part AND your potential


Eliminate hazardous workarounds


Accommodate the needs of a varied workforce


Improve workplace conditions

Better Welds

Position your part to weld flat for even deposition

Better Subs

Use your fixture (+/- 0.001” tolerance between table bores) as a QC checkpoint to ensure precise alignment of subassemblies

Better Final Parts

Marry heavy subs without heavy lifting, for faster delivery of higher quality final parts

Lift/Tilt/Rotate Solutions

Choose from configurations, models and options to move your part in 1, 2, or 3 axes

Custom Solutions

Position any part in any space with fully customizable frame, drive, spine, size and capacity options

Integrated Solutions

Integrate with modular floor rails, robotics and more

Expect End-to-end solutions

Seamless integration. Endless possibility.

Bluco modular systems don’t stop with modular tooling. Our solutions often include integrated positioners that allow you to lift, tilt and rotate heavy parts safely and efficiently. We work with providers of best-in-class positioning technology, so that when we dream up best-in-class solutions, there’s no limit to what we can create.

Getting Started with bluco

1. Share your challenge

Upload a description of your workholding application and a CAD model of your part to our secure online portal. Submitting your info doesn’t mean you’ve made up your mind, it just starts a conversation.

2. Talk With Us

Within 1-2 days, an application engineer will call to set up a design consultation. We never contract out, so you’ll deal directly with Bluco and communications will be kept strictly confidential.

3. Review Your Proposal

Once we understand your challenges and goals, we’ll develop custom modular solutions. Then, we’ll review designs as well as purchase and rental options virtually. Check out the rest of our process here.