Positioning Solutions

A quality weld starts with a properly positioned part, and a welder that doesn’t have to reach, lift or bend. Let us help you position your part — and your organization — for success.

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Discover Benefits

Bluco positioning solutions elevate your part AND your potential


Eliminate hazardous workarounds


Accommodate the needs of a varied workforce


Improve workplace conditions

Better Welds

Position your part to weld flat for even deposition

Better Subs

Use your fixture (+/- 0.001” tolerance between table bores) as a QC checkpoint to ensure precise alignment of subassemblies

Better Final Parts

Marry heavy subs without heavy lifting, for faster delivery of higher quality final parts

Lift/Tilt/Rotate Solutions

Choose from configurations, models and options to move your part in 1, 2, or 3 axes

Custom Solutions

Position any part in any space with fully customizable frame, drive, spine, size and capacity options

Integrated Solutions

Integrate with modular floor rails, robotics and more


New: Bluprint™

Proposals only show how much it will cost. BluPrint proves how much you can gain.