Robotic Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your new or existing robotic welding cell with a Bluco Modular Solution that boosts efficiency at every stage of manufacturing.

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Discover Benefits

Pre-tacking, Welding, Fabrication. Unlock better robotic results at every stage.

Rigid Parts

Tack up at a modular station for a more rigid, easier to manage part that loads faster

Clear Access

Simplify the robotic fixture so bulky workholding isn’t holding your robot back

Identical Dimensions

Stay within +/- 0.005” for every part, so your robot knows what to expect

Increased Throughput

Fixture 2x faster than traditional tooling to feed more parts to your robot in less time

Faster changeover

Rebuild fixtures quickly using from CAD models that help eliminate errors and confusion

Greater Versatility

Modular flexibility allows you to merge robotics with high mix/low volume manufacturing

Multi-Cell Solutions

Get custom multi-cell/multi-station modular solutions for any fabricating scenario

Integrated Solutions

Combine with modular positioners, floor rails and more

Future-Proof Solutions

Designed to grow and expand with your business


New: Bluprint™

Proposals only show how much it will cost. BluPrint proves how much you can gain.