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Efficiency & Accuracy, Twice as Fast

Stake body truck builds in less time, with more accuracy

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: April 6, 2023


Transportation (General)


Changeover Time

Flatbed Truck isolated on white background. 3D render 2023/03/iStock-1312433181-e1680809889314.jpg


Stake racks come in an array of sizes, and with a variety of options. No matter what the size or style, however, the assembly fixture must keep parts perfectly aligned for trouble-free final assembly on the truck. Laying the part flat makes it difficult for operators to drill holes. Also, each truck not only needs a set of stake racks, but a bulkhead. Building one piece at a time takes too long. And two set-ups would be over budget. Now what?



  • A single custom A-Frame Structure
  • Two 2D Aluminum plates
  • Hydraulic lift cylinders

Both families of parts are combined into one fixture on a custom-made A-frame structure. 2D modular plates on either side can accommodate any part size, and long slot angles hold the part off the plate for easy drilling. Hydraulic lift mechanism with one-button control and safety cylinder locks for quick, safe positioning.



The custom fixture frame solves several challenges at once. Creating two working sides on one fixture allows operators to double the amount of work being done while maintaining a small footprint and staying within the single-fixture budget. Changeover on the modular work surface is fast and easy. In addition, the frame allows gravity to help keep the uprights aligned, and it positions parts ergonomically for crouch-free assembly.


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