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Success Duplicated 2X

Turning skeptics into believers

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: November 29, 2023


Transportation (General)





Company growth often comes with unexpected challenges — and opportunities. That was the case for this manufacturer, whose acquisition of another company included a factory full of modular workholding & positioning components. They had no prior experience with modular tooling, and it all had to be moved to a new facility and integrated with existing processes there. The welders at the new facility were reluctant to add unfamiliar components into their operations. After all, they had already fine-tuned nearly every step of production.


Bridging the Engineering Gap

To solve this unique challenge, Bluco engineers focused on the one aspect of production that hadn’t been fully engineered — workholding. The team visited the new facility to observe existing welding processes, and identified areas of untapped potential. New workflows and strategies, powered by the acquired modular components, were designed to integrate seamlessly with existing operations, capitalizing on the new tooling to improve quality & efficiency.

1. Adjustable modular frame fits multiple sizes of cab side panels & lifts/rotates for easier welding.

2. Custom table with adjustable u-forms for panel subs.

3. Assembly fixture eliminates heavy lifting & awkward positioning.


Projected X-Factor Improvement

The results were nothing short of transformative. Throughput and quality of the weldments increased dramatically. The ease of use and outstanding results turned the welders who had initially been skeptical into true modular advocates. Not only were their concerns about modular effectiveness addressed, but they actively enjoyed working with the new tooling. In fact, the success was so pronounced that the company purchased additional tooling and another positioner to double their initial success. Word spread quickly through the company’s affiliates, prompting them to reach out for similar solutions — the ultimate validation of the success of the newly integrated system.


Getting Started with bluco

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