Why Modular?: FAQS

How accurate are your welding components?

Extremely accurate. The bores on our standard modular welding tables have tolerances of +/- 0.001″ between centers, and tables are laser inspected for flatness to 0.0018” across 12” or better. For reference, the thickness of a piece of copy paper is about 0.004″.

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How durable are your modular components?

Durable enough that many of the first welding tables we sold over 30 years ago are still in use. Our welding tables and components are hardened to resist spatter, and our machining components are hardened and ground for durability and accuracy.

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What about high volume or production work - is that not a fit for modular?

There are two important parts to this answer.

First, while most people think of high mix, low volume work when they think of modular, the truth is that it can be well-suited to certain production and fabrication applications as well. Because modular fixturing can double your production speed and final part quality when compared to traditional methods, Bluco solutions are helping many manufacturers achieve the repeatable accuracy they need for larger runs.

Second, we’ll be the first to tell you if your application isn’t a good fit for modular fixturing – we don’t push modular solutions that won’t deliver benefits to our customers.

If you’re not sure if your application is right for modular, just use our contact us form and we’ll schedule a time to figure it out during an online discussion with an application engineer.

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How about prototyping? Is modular fixturing a good fit?

Yes. Modular fixturing is ideal for prototyping because it allows you to make both small and large adjustments on the fly. You can easily move components around to accommodate different parts, different fixturing approaches, and limitless design revisions. 

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Can I add components to my system down the line?

Absolutely. Bluco modular solutions are made to be expandable, so you can start small and build up, or start big and go bigger. You’re in control, and we’ll meet you wherever you’re at in your modular fixturing journey.

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What are the advantages of modular workholding for high mix, low volume work?

The versatility and speed of changeover make Bluco modular solutions an ideal fit for high mix, low volume work. Our high mix, low volume customers have reported results like a reduction of 28 days in part fabrication times, 2-3 hours saved per part,  and production rates that are double that of traditional fixtures. 

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My parts have unusual angles and odd shapes - can modular tooling accommodate that?

Yes. We have yet to meet a part that we couldn’t fixture with our modular tooling. Our extensive inventory of modular components can be used in an infinite number of combinations to hold parts of any size, shape, weight or configuration. And if we don’t have the right stock component, we can design and manufacture custom modular components just for your application. To explore the variety of projects and parts we’ve worked on, visit the gallery and case studies in our knowledge base.

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