Welding Systems: FAQS

How do I know which system size I need?

Leave that to our application engineers. They’ll help you determine what makes the most sense based on the size of your parts.

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What's the difference between Bluco's D16 and D28 systems for welding?

System size and weight capacity. Bluco’s D28 components are sized for larger parts, and D28 tables can hold up to 20,000 lbs. Our D16 system is designed for light weight, smaller parts. A good rule of thumb is that if a crane is required to move your part, you probably need a D28 system. Of course, your application engineer will help you determine which system is right for your parts.

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Can I put my welding fixture on wheels?

Yes. We offer wheeled versions of many of our welding fixtures. You can also convert a stationary solution if you decide to later on – just request a proposal to convert your fixture to a mobile solution. 

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What welding table sizes do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of welding table dimensions in both D28 and D16 sizes. Each of our standard tables are available with double density or high density bore hole patterns, and can be designed with legs and/or wheels customized for a number of different uses. Keep in mind that welding tables are just one component of a Bluco modular system, and your application may be better suited to a custom solution that includes a different size, configuration or functionality than what you’d get from a traditional welding table. Our application engineers will provide the option or options best for your particular challenge.

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Can I combine components from one system size with components or bases from another size?

No. While every D28 modular component is compatible with every other D28 component and table, it cannot be used with D16 components or tables. 

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Can I use my own baseplate or table with your components, or vice versa?

In the words of one of our engineers, “Even if you could, you wouldn’t be happy about it.” Our modular components, bases and tables are specifically engineered to be used together. They pin together flawlessly, provide repeatable precision, help improve final part quality and boost efficiency. When a Bluco modular system is contaminated with outside components, you might still be able to hold a part, but you’ll be sacrificing precision, quality and efficiency. In addition, you risk damage to your own equipment, the modular components or your part when mixing and matching non-compatible systems.

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