Warranty: FAQS

How long is my solution under warranty?

For as long as you own your system. All of our fixturing components are covered by our lifetime manufacturing warranty. We will repair or replace, at no charge, any component that fails under normal usage.

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Can I return a part?

If you want to return a part, use our contact us form to request a return merchandise authorization (RMA). We’ll contact you to find out if you want to return the part due to an issue covered under warranty, for exchange or upgrade, or for reconditioning. If your return qualifies, we’ll provide the RMA and instructions on how to ship the part back.


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What does it cost to exchange parts?

There is no cost. New or used equipment can be exchanged for items of equal value for two years. After two years, you can upgrade to the newest versions of the components you already purchased. 

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What happens if i buy the wrong part?

You won’t! Our application engineers review all orders and requests before any parts are shipped. If something doesn’t look right, they’ll let you know well before it shows up at your facility. If somehow an errant order slips through, we’ll exchange it for you.

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What if I'm not happy with my modular solution?

Our unique process includes the opportunity to prove out your fixture before you buy or rent so there are no surprises. But if you aren’t happy with your solution after you’ve implemented it, then we’ll do what we can to make it right. Whether that means revising the solution or buying it back, Bluco backs every product with 100% commitment to your satisfaction.

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