Try A Solution: FAQS

Can I try out the system in my shop before making a decision?

Yes. Our popular rental program provides you the opportunity to try a complete system out in your shop.  The short-term rental period is three months, which will give you time to see how well the system performs under your manufacturing conditions. 

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Can you do a demo at my facility?

If you are close enough to our Naperville, IL location (about 45 minutes west of Chicago), we can bring our fully-equipped demo trailer to your facility so we can fixture your part for you. If you’re a bit farther away, or if you’d rather come to us, our Validation Center (VC) will allow you to try out your solution in a fully functional shop setting. Ship or bring your part, and we’ll fixture it for you so that your team can prove it out by welding it just as they would at your facility. After you Request a Proposal, we’ll figure out the best way to meet.

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What if I can't go to your Validation Center?

Although we highly recommend proving out your solution by visiting our Validation Center (VC), there are times when that’s not practical. If you can’t make it, we’ll find another option. If you’re close by, we might be able to bring our demo trailer to you. If you can get your part to us, but can’t come out yourself, we can arrange a live virtual session, or record in our VC so you can watch our welders testing out your solution.

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Where can I see a modular solution in use?

We can put you in touch with local users who are able to host visitors, but for a more comprehensive look at our system, we recommend either visiting our showroom, seeing us at a trade show or bringing your parts to our Validation Center.

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Can I see machine tooling being used?

Absolutely. We actually use Bluco modular tooling every day to make more Bluco modular tooling in our on-site manufacturing facility. You’re invited to come see our shop, work with the tooling in our Showroom, or prove out your own solution in our Validation Center. Just schedule a visit by emailing [email protected], calling 1.800.535.0135, or requesting a visit in the form on our Contact Us page.

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