Setup: FAQS

Will I have to install my solution myself?

No. The installation of your machining or welding fixturing is included in both rentals and purchases of Bluco Modular Solutions. So unless you’d rather handle it yourself, or your solution doesn’t require installation, we’ll be there to take care of it for you.

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How do we know where each modular component goes on the baseplate or table?

Your fixture designs will come with SolidWorks CAD models. Many customers load these files onto smart tablets so that they can be easily accessed from the shop floor during fixture building. We can also quote the addition of a compatible laser-projection system for our welding solutions that projects outlines of each component onto the table for an even higher level of error-proofing. Some customers prefer a more traditional approach, and have asked us to quote sheetmetal templates of their fixture footprint, so that their teams can place components into the locators on the templates. 

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Do you provide instructions on how to build and rebuild my fixture?

Yes. In addition to the in-person or virtual training we’ll provide, your fixture designs will come with SolidWorks CAD models that you can use to guide you through the exact placement of each component.

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How can I repeat a setup?

Most organizations rely on the CAD models we provide with every solution. They can be referenced from the shop floor on any smart tablet, making it easy to build or rebuild your setups. Our application engineers can also help train your team on how to revise a model or create new ones. You’ll have access to our CAD library through your customer dashboard, so you can download complete systems or models of specific parts needed to revise or design a fixture. If you’re interested in other methods of repeating a setup, like a laser projection system or sheet metal templates, contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy to explore options with you.

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