Rental Policy: FAQS

Can I rent my modular solution instead of purchasing?

Yes. We offer 3, 6, 12 and 18 month rental programs, each with its own buyout options. When you receive your solution proposal, we’ll automatically detail all of your rental and purchase options. 


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What are the advantages of renting?

The primary advantage of renting versus buying is simply cash flow.  It’s significantly less expensive to rent a system to get started.  Justification for purchasing a system can be built with real-time studies and cost analysis by using the system in your own shop.  It’s also an ideal and economical short term fixturing solution if you know you won’t need fixturing beyond a certain time period.

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What if I want to extend my contract once the rental term has ended?

Just let us know. There is no penalty for extending your rental contract, and you can continue renting for as long as you like.

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Where do I find rental pricing?

When you request a proposal from us, it will include options for both purchase and rental. We’ll provide monthly payment estimates for both standard and long-term rental plans, along with rental terms that apply.

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Do your rental programs include a buyout option?

Yes. Your proposal will detail long-term and short-term rental programs. Every program includes a buyout option, so each month a portion of your rental payment (determined by the length of your rental) is applied to the total cost of the system. You can opt to buyout at any point, or you can simply return the equipment at the end of the contract. 

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Is there a penalty if I choose to buyout before my rental contract expires?

No. You may choose the buyout option at any point during your rental contract without penalty.

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