Proposals: FAQS

How can I order just a few modular components if I don't want a whole solution?

If you are a current customer adding on to an existing solution, you can either contact [email protected] or log into the customer portal to request a quote through our new E-Catalog.

If you are not yet a customer, please request a proposal so that an application engineer can talk to you about your exact needs. 

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How Do I Request A Proposal?

Just ask. Click the Request a Proposal button at the top right of any page on our site. Then enter a few details about your needs, and attach any CAD models that are relevant to your fixturing challenge.  One of our application engineers will get back to you in a day or two to set up an online meeting so we can gather the information we need to create a detailed written proposal.

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Can I request a proposal without uploading CAD files?

Yes. If you don’t have models to send, we can still give you a rough estimate over the phone. 

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Is there a fee attached?

No. We make sure our customers are completely confident in their solutions before they spend a dime. Requesting a proposal is one of the first steps in your modular exploration process. The next step is to try your solution in our Validation Center, and there’s no obligation attached to that either. 

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Who Will See My Request?

Only our own Bluco application engineers. We do not subcontract designs to firms in the U.S. or any other country. In fact, we don’t subcontract with anyone outside of our own building. Every past, current and future Bluco modular solution is designed here, by an engineer from our fully-staffed team. They are 100% employed by Bluco in Naperville, Illinois and every member of our staff is bound by a non-disclosure agreement. So nothing from your organization will ever be shared with anyone other than you and your team. 

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How Long does it take to receive a proposal?

Usually a day or two. We use this time to design your custom modular solution, and to prepare pricing for your review. We can sometimes expedite proposals to fill time-sensitive requests – just let us know if you have timing requirements. 

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What happens after I receive my Proposal?

We’ll review it with you online, make any revisions necessary, and then invite you to prove out your fixture in our Validation Center. You’ll be able to weld your part in your fixture, or bring your machinist to verify the fixture is a fit for your needs. Read more about our proven process here.

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How do i know which components i need?

Leave that to our application engineers. When we review your proposal with you, you’ll see your modular fixturing solution in 3D solid models. We’ll discuss the customized kit of tooling components that are part of your solution, and help you understand how to use them to fixture additional parts, optimize efficiency and boost final part quality.

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