More than a proposal. It’s an immersive experience. 
It’s powerful technology. It’s what the future looks like.
It’s only from Bluco.

Seeing is believing.

For too long, the decision to make pivotal changes (the kind that lead to major improvements) required a leap of faith. Until we found a way to Make it Better.

BluPrint™ gives you the power to SEE what’s possible instead of imagining it.

Powered by reality capture technology called BluTwin™, you can now explore solutions virtually, inside a digital twin of your space. BluPrint allows us to identify engineering gaps in your process, simulate the placement of new systems, and to build new workflows. All of which can be tested off-line, so that live production isn’t interrupted. Your BluPrint delivers digital assets, data-driven insights, and a menu of modular solutions that help you get higher quality products to market faster.

Bluprint Gives you the Power to...

decide confidently

  • Precision Data
  • Complete Scans
  • Holistic Insights

move quickly

  • Instant Access
  • Maximize Uptime
  • Fast Data Capture
  • Quick Onboarding

Adapt Seamlessly

  • Flexible Integration
  • Simplified Reconfiguration
  • Make Changes Without Interruption

How it works

Like everything we do, it starts by listening. What happens after that is a blend of technology, expertise and engineering innovation. The result is a roadmap to success.

First, we talk. Initial Consultation

We’ll talk about your challenges, your desired outcomes, and the investment required (100% will be applied toward BluPrint modular projects). If BluPrint is the right fit, we’ll get started. We’ll collect any relevant data you might already have, and involve any collaborative partners needed to deliver the most comprehensive solution options.


Virtual Meetings


On-Site Visits


Partner Collaboration

Next, we Scan. BluTwin™

BluPrint is powered by BluTwin, our data collection process. Using the most advanced reality capture technologies, our team will capture all the necessary data points (billions!) faster than anyone else. We use this data to analyze your engineering gaps, generate up-to-date floor plans & models, and develop immersive simulations of your proposed solutions.


3D Laser Scanning

Mobile and Terrestrial laser scanners capture your existing environment without interrupting your workflow.

2D Drafting & Modeling

Up-to-date as-builts of your environment and equipment aid in the identification of engineering gaps.

Plant Layout

Using plans generated by the digital twin, we identify ways to streamline your manufacturing process.

Then we bridge gaps. expert Engineering

This is where the magic/science/problem-solving happens. Our team uses BluTwin data to create an immersive experience. In this virtual space, we'll identify engineering gaps and begin modeling end-to-end solutions, integrating tech from collaborative partners if needed.

You get a roadmap to success. BluPrint™

The result of this process is your custom BluPrint. It includes your BluTwin digital twin, data-driven analysis of your processes and workflows, as well as solutions. These solutions are modular projects that you can then queue up in the order and cadence that makes the most sense for your organization. To learn more about our process for individual projects, click here.


Digital Twin

Virtually access your facility anywhere, anytime. Immersive experience lets you collaborate, visualize and make better decisions, faster.

Process Analysis

Visualization and data-driven verification of hidden engineering gaps causing critical issues in your facility.


Engineered solutions & integrations, already pre-vetted in your digital twin, ready for implementation at your pace.

More Than Just A Proposal.

In fact, BluPrint is nothing like a traditional proposal or quote. It’s a plan for success. Backed by data. Proven out virtually. Ready for implementation on your schedule. It’s everything you need to deliver higher quality products to market faster.

Case Studies

BluPrint: What it looks like

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