Fixture and position your weldment for success with Powered Positioners that fully integrate with Bluco modular tooling. Keep workers safe from injury by letting motors and hydraulics do the heavy lifting. Instead of saw horses, a crane, and brute force to maneuver a weldment into proper position for weld out, Powered Positioners can lift parts weighing up to 8,000 pounds and can tilt or rotate your part in seconds. Power up your process with powered manipulators, headstock & tailstock lift and rotate solutions, or skyhook systems.


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We'll help you select from headstock & tailstock positioners that lift and tilt, powered positioners that lift, tilt and rotate 360°, and 3-axis skyhook positioners

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All of our modular fixturing components interface with a Bluco modular table top or spine to secure any size workpiece

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Eliminate heavy lifting and unsteady saw horses by relying on positioners that can move parts quickly and securely for complete peace of mind

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M2000 M4000
LOAD CAPACITY 2,000 kg (4,400 lbs.) 4,000 kg (8,800 lbs.)
MIN. HEIGHT AT 00 TILT 475 mm (19”) 680 mm (27”)
MAX HEIGHT AT 00 TILT 1350 mm (53”) 1850 mm (72”)
MAX HEIGHT AT 1800 TILT 900 mm (35”) 1850 (72”)
INTERFERENCE Ø at 180° TILT 1000 mm (39”) 1650 mm (65”)
ROTARY AXIS TORQUE 2500 Nm (1,840 ft lbs.) 5000 Nm (3,680 ft lbs.)
TILTING AXIS TORQUE 19,000 Nm (14,000 ft lbs.) 32,000 Nm (23,600 ft lbs.)
TABLE ROTATION RANGE Infinite, Bi-Directional Infinite, Bi-Directional
VARIABLE SPEED RANGE 0-2 rpm 0-2 rpm
TABLE TILTING RANGE 00 – 1800 00 – 1800
POWER REQUIREMENTS 480V 3-Phase 480V 3-Phase
VERTICAL AXIS DRIVE Hydraulic Hydraulic
TILTING AXIS DRIVE Hydraulic Hydraulic
PENDANT CONTROL Up/Down/Tilt/Rotate Up/Down/Tilt/Rotate
FOOT PEDAL CONTROL Rotate Bi-Directional Rotate Bi-Directional

Discover how BLUCO and ALM Positioners came together to provide a solution that improved ergonomics and worker safety while increasing productivity.

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See how a powered manipulator can help keep workers safe from injury while you increase productivity. Offered in both 2-Ton and 4-Ton lifting capacities and with a wide variety of modular table top sizes and options to solve even  the heaviest lifting challenges.

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