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Bluco Launches Upgraded Website

New Content, New Features, Better User Experience

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: August 15, 2022

"The goal of this project was to tell our story in a way that's truer to who we really are. We wanted to take users beyond basic welding jigs and into the world of end-to-end solution building. That's where our focus is — on problem-solving with our customers. And that's what this site brings to life."

Brian Dodsworth

If you found this article, then you’ve found our new website! And we couldn’t be more excited that you did! We hope you’re finding the new site easier to navigate and more interesting to browse. Here’s a bit of background on the new site, and more about our favorite new features.

Why did we change it?

While we wanted to make the site more visually appealing, that was way down the list of priorities when we decided to undertake this project. Our main motivation was to sharpen the focus of our messaging on our solution-based approach to creating modular fixtures. It’s what makes us who we are, and the main reason customers come to Bluco and come BACK to Bluco when they have a manufacturing challenge to overcome. Like the home page says, “Fixtures just hold parts. Bluco Modular Fixturing Solutions solve manufacturing challenges.”

Brian Dodsworth, our director of sales, sums it up best: “The goal of this project was to tell our story in a way that’s truer to who we really are. We wanted to take users beyond hardware and into the world of end-to-end solution building. That’s where our focus is on problem-solving with our customers. And that’s what this site brings to life.”

What’s new on the site?

In a word, everything. The home page now gives you the ability to navigate by application (welding, positioning, robotics or machining) instead of by product category.  “You don’t have to come to the site already knowing what you need,” says Brian. “You can start with what you’re trying to accomplish, which is a much more intuitive experience for users.”

Beyond the home page, the site continues to deliver on our solution-based philosophy.  Here are some highlights to check out:

  • Solutions Pages: Choose Welding, Robotics, Positioning or Machining. Then explore photos, 3D CAD models, testimonials, case studies and application-specific galleries that detail end-to-end modular workholding solutions.
  • Why Bluco Tab: New content that walks you through the modular solution building process. Its pages also touch on the advantages of working with Bluco, like our unique catalog-free approach to customer collaboration.
  • About Us Tab: Learn more about the people and ideas behind Bluco solutions in this section featuring Bluco’s culture, ideals and employees. Job opportunities and contact information are also located here.
  • Knowledge Base: Browse case studies and e-books. This easy-to-navigate section is filled with examples of the challenges manufacturers have faced, and the results delivered by Bluco modular solutions.
  • Gallery Page: Browse a new collection of inspiring application examples. Send questions or inquiries about specific images to our application engineers.
  • FAQ Page: Dozens of answers to the most common questions about Bluco modular solutions, searchable by category or by specific wording.
  • Customer Portal: Once registered for the site, customers can access exclusive links that include Bluco’s new e-catalog. The catalog streamlines customer access to modular component information, pricing, CAD models and technical drawings. Customers can add parts to a cart and create a quote, or bookmark parts for later reference.

How did we do?

If you know us, you know we’re never done trying to Make it Better. Our website is no different, and it will continue to grow and evolve, based on feedback from our customers and site visitors. In fact, if you have a moment to share your opinion, we invite you to click below to fill out a brief survey about your experience. Tell us what you liked and what you’d like to see improved. We hope to see you back at soon!


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