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No Crane Needed

There's more than one way to move long, heavy parts

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: April 6, 2023







How do you lift and rotate a 4M u-form with up to 1200lb payload attached? What if you also have to be able to detach and roll it to another station? Add to the mix that you want multiple u-forms in line to attach/ detach, and you’ve got to transition smoothly between them as quickly as possible. And one more thing…you can’t use a crane to lift the u-form.



  • Powered manipulator with zero point system between chassis and M4000 manipulator slewing ring.
  • Custom aluminium chassis with modular top to reduce lifting mass.
  • AGV with Kinematic Alignment points on the chassis for movement to next cell.

The solution, complete with a powered manipulator, modular components, and AGV, allows for precision repeatability while multiple carts can be cycled through the cell to increase throughput.



Adding a zero point system between the Modular tooling and Manipulator Made it Better by reducing the time to detach and reattach. The precision alignment feature allows the process to be repeated over and over with the same accurate results. No crane needed. Problem solved.


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