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Half the staff, Twice the Efficiency

Modular positioning solution for grain bin door build

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: January 15, 2021





Grain bin legs, ring beams, large structures 2022/05/bluco-1-agriculture-17661-12-1-e1653503466145.jpg


The construction of this piece, the door of a grain bin, required two men. One welder had to hold the part in place, while the other tacked it up. Could the process be made simpler and safer? Could it be reduced down to a one man job while increasing safety and comfort? And finally, could all that be achieved without sacrificing dimensional accuracy? 



 The answer to all the above questions is yes, using these elements to create a successful solution: 

  • M2000 Powered Manipulator 
  • Teach Control 
  • Pedestal Riser 

The manipulator, with a full modular component kit, lifts, tilts and rotates the piece to any angle. An optional teach controller remembers each position, and a pedestal riser brings the weldment up to proper working height. 



One worker can now do the work of two in less than half the time. Safety is improved since the manipulator is holding and moving the heavy part instead of a second worker. A crane is no longer needed to hold the part in position either. And as a bonus, the manipulator tips finished parts into the perfect position for loading into the shipping rack, saving another handling step. 


Customer Quote:
“We may get a second machine for the other guy and quadruple production.”



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