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Flawless Frames, at Any Size

Welding window and door frames—from 12 inches up to 12 feet square

Author: Wendy Calcaterra

Published: April 19, 2023




Varying Part Sizes



When welding window and door frames with finished sizes ranging from 12 inch to 12 foot square, every measurement and angle must be precise. Not only was this manufacturer’s old setup unable to support all frame sizes, but it was inaccurate and uncomfortable for welders to maneuver around. They often had to climb onto the table to reach their welds. On top of that, their new solution had to integrate with the robotic welding they planned to add later on.



• U-form picture frame

• Adjustable width

• CAD templates

The solution is a U-Form picture frame with an open center and a rolling side that accommodates varying part sizes and allows easy access to corners. Anchored feet provide a solid foundation and CAD model templates ensure quick and accurate changeover from part to part.

Bluco Modular Fixture CAD design for window and door frames


Frames of all sizes now come together smoothly. Length, width, and corner-to-corner dimensions are spot on with each weld thanks to precise tooling that is setup directly from CAD model templates. This fixture can also seamlessly integrate with the future addition of robotic welding. As an added bonus, their new fixture takes up less space than their old 12 foot table while also allowing greater weld access, and faster changeover.

Bluco Modular Fixture holding a window, door frame for precise welding

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