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We believe in the power of partnerships and collaboration.  That’s why we work with you to design a customized modular fixturing system that’s a perfect fit for your application.  Whether you are new to modular fixturing or adding modular cells to expand your capabilities, Bluco fixturing specialists are with you every step of the way.

Visit our showroom

Our showroom is like your own personal trade show for modular fixturing. Whether your have a very specific application or just want to explore the benefits of modular fixturing, our showroom is the perfect place to start.  Schedule a tour at any point in your decision process to help your company learn more about Bluco’s modular fixturing.


CAD Drawing


Whether you have seen us at an industry tradeshow or visited our showroom, the next step is to send in 3D models of your parts.  Our fixturing specialists will meet with you in a virtual demonstration to review your parts and begin the design of your modular fixturing solution.

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Review Your
Virtual Proposal

Once the modular fixturing design is complete and reviewed, we’ll send a detailed proposal that includes your purchase and rental options.  We’ll review during a virtual meeting so that you can invite as many stakeholders as necessary to participate.

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Case Study

Follow one company’s Bluco Buying Experience from start to finish

C.R. Onsrud discovered first-hand how the Bluco Buying Experience pays off in the end with increased efficiency and faster ROI. And as an extra bonus, their staff loves working with Bluco modular fixturing: “Our guys feel like they’re working with a big Lego set when they build a Bluco fixture….It’s like the biggest playground in the world. We love it.”

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Prove out your solution

Bring your parts, and your team, to our on-site Validation Center for a complete prove out of your solution.  Weld your part in this fully equipped 7,000 sq. ft. facility, or machine in our state-of-the-art machine shop.  Yes, you can bring a stopwatch if build time is part of your decision criteria!

Bluco Reports

Bluco customers report cutting setup time by 50-60% of what it took for old-fashioned manual set up.


Submit your CAD files

It’s easy to get started — just use this form to submit your CAD and we’ll get in touch with you regarding your solution

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Our engineers will develop a personalized proposal containing details on your modular solution and information on next steps.




We value the partnerships we create with our customers, and we don't use that word lightly. We build partnerships to dramatically improve your day-to-day production and operations. We look forward to taking this journey together.