You Bought a Robot to Weld – Don’t Let Fixturing Stand in Your Way

Keep your robots doing what they do best (welding) by integrating a modular fixturing system into your low performing weld cells.  With a single kit of reusable tooling, you’ll never need to struggle again with how to design or build a robotic fixture.   Our engineers have worked with nearly every type of robotic application to drastically improve the output and quality of welded parts.  Speak with an engineer today to see what a difference we can make.

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Completely Customizable

Regardless of what type of robot you own or are looking to buy, we can customize an affordable fixturing solution

Highly Repeatable

Robots love to know where the part is and with our exceptional hole tolerance of 0.001” between bores, your robot will smile

Minimize Downtime

Our modular fixtures can accommodate any size or shaped part and pin together in minutes