The last thing you want to give your robot is downtime. Integrate a modular fixturing system into your robotic weld cells, and it'll never be starved for work.  With a single kit of reusable tooling, that low volume robotic weld fixture you've been considering finally becomes profitable enough to implement. Our engineers have worked with hundreds of robotic applications, from new installations to retro-fitting that turns under-performing cells into powerhouses of productivity.  Share your CAD designs today to see what a difference we can make.



Regardless of what type of robot you own or are planning to buy, we can customize a versatile fixturing solution that solves your automation challenge



Robots love to know where the part is, and with our exceptional hole tolerance of +/-0.001” between centers, your robot won't have to guess



Our modular fixtures pin together in minutes so your robot isn't waiting for work and your downtime is kept to a minimum, even during changeover

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Technical specifications for robotic applications can vary greatly based upon your needs. Complete the form found on the “Contact Us” tab to assist us in best formulating technical specifications to meet your specific robotic configuration.

Check out this article featuring an approach to automation and see how our fixturing played a role in their solution.

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Find out how to ensure the success of your Robotic welding cell by  choosing the right modular positioner, and download our Robotic Welding Best Practices Guide.

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