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You started with the best. Now let our engineers show you the rest.

Once you’ve gone modular, get additional custom fixture designs for your Bluco system with Engineering Design Services (EDS). Tap into the power of our 30+ years of modular expertise to fixture more parts while you speed up your ROI. This is what modular is all about, and it’s what our fixturing specialists do best. Let’s multiply the benefits of your modular system together. 


 In a nutshell: customized fixture designs powered by decades of modular expertise. Our fixturing specialists know what it’s like to be standing in the chips and above the sparks. They are experienced engineers with a background in machining, welding, or both. They know what it takes to design a solution that works in the field, and they know how to deliver exactly what you need. 

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Existing Bluco customers can upload a CAD file of your part to get started. One of our fixturing specialists will contact you to to provide a quote to design your fixtures. Then, we’ll design your new solution using your existing modular components as our starting point. Once the designs are ready, we’ll review them with you virtually. Then they’re all yours to bring to life. If you’d like our engineers to help you build, we can also provide that service. Not a customer yet? You’ll still get to take advantage or our design services ­— it’s an integral part of every modular solution we create. Just upload a CAD file to get a free quote any time.

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Our customers choose EDS because it delivers real results. From increased efficiency to improved accuracy, we’ve been able to help our customers achieve measurable success in hundreds of different ways. 


EDS Solution: 

Multiple weld cells and a new time-saving process that includes Floor Rails and Powered Postioners allow a team to marry together sub-assemblies with extreme accuracy. 

EDS Solution: 

Custom Welding Tables and a Floor Rail system eliminate outdated manual methods known only to a few. Now every operator can be proficient with the system in days. 

EDS Solution: 

Rolling 3D welding tables on a Floor Rail system handle multiple sizes of the same part with extreme accuracy, which shaves off hours from the total manufacturing time.

EDS Solution: 

Moving bulky parts is accomplished in less time, and more safely, using a Manual Positioner. Welders no longer have to awkwardly reach around, through or over a part. 

EDS Solution: 

A Custom Welding Table fitted with two rotating plates (held by angles) deliver parallel and concentric welds on both ends of a complex part, in multiple sizes, every time.

EDS Solution: 

This Custom Welding Table allows operator access from inside and outside, improving welder comfort and weldment quality while it handles a full range of part sizes.

EDS Solution: 

Making it easier to fixture a range of parts, then making it easier to move those parts with a Powered Positioner, can speed production by a factor of two…or more. 

EDS Solution: 

Some parts require completely custom solutions, like this curved Floor Rail designed and manufactured at Bluco to accommodate a range of long parts. 


Both new and current customers can upload CAD files here. The process is confidential, free and fast. We’ll contact you with more information shortly. If you’d like to contact us directly, you can chat with us online, email [email protected] or call us at 1.800.535.0135.


Yes. If you’re a Bluco customer, you can get use EDS to get additional fixture designs anytime by submitting a new CAD file of your part(s).

No. Your initial fixture designs are included as part of your initial order. Once you have a Bluco system, you may then order additional fixture designs via EDS any time you want.

No. Our engineers will develop workable solutions that solve your challenge, regardless of complexity. Sometimes, what you may think is a simple challenge is more complex and vice-versa. Either way, we’ll quote your project before we get started so you know what to expect.

Yes! Once you’re a Bluco customer, you’re always a Bluco customer. Because our solutions are built to last, we constantly hear from customers with modular systems that go way, way back. We’re always pleased to be asked for new solutions by old friends.

We will start with the components you’re already using. But our ultimate goal is to provide the best solution for your challenge. Sometimes, that may involve suggesting new pieces that will add functionality to your system, or integrations that will smooth out your manufacturing process. Rest assured, we’ll let you know before we get started if we expect to suggest additions to your current kit.

No. Absolutely not. Our fixturing specialists are Bluco employees who are highly trained application engineers, with modular experience in hundreds of industries, and thousands of applications. We wouldn’t trust your challenge to anyone else.

Yes. You can send in your part and prove out your fixture in our on-site Validation Center. Can’t make it here? Send us your part and we’ll fixture it, and then weld or machine it for you and send it back so you can inspect the results. You can schedule a visit by calling 1.800.535.0135 or emailing [email protected]

Yes. You can request a quote for training on any Bluco fixture at any time.

Pricing is determined by project complexity, and by the time it will take to design your solution. Before we get started, we’ll call to go over a quote for your project with you. We won’t get started until you’re comfortable with the proposal.

Yes. EDS is available for any of Bluco’s modular machining or welding systems.

No. If you only need one design, we’ll provide one (outstanding) design. The service is “a la carte.” Just tell us what scope fits your needs, and that’s what we’ll deliver.

Yes. While there are likely many more solutions waiting to be unlocked from the system you’re already using, you may not need to access them all at once. Simply take advantage of EDS whenever you’re ready to unlock another layer of benefit from your modular system.

SPOTLIGHT: Meet an application engineer

Todd Bennett is a Senior Application Engineer at Bluco Corporation. He’s been with us for nearly 15 years, and puts his 30 years of manufacturing experience into every modular fixturing solution he designs. Born and raised on a farm — and a Journeyman die maker, machinist and designer himself — Todd has first-hand knowledge of many of the challenges that face his customers. His background includes work in architectural design, construction, aluminum extrusion, welding, assembly and more. What he hasn’t experienced himself, he’s learned by helping countless companies in manufacturing sectors ranging from automotive to waste management. His encyclopedic project-based knowledge allows him to see solutions where others see problems. He’s able to share his ideas in the language his customers speak, and back it up with products that deliver results.

Todd is one of the many experienced application engineers at Bluco. And while each has their own unique backgrounds and specialties, all our driven by Bluco’s core values: we embrace challenge, we never settle, and we are driven to help you Make it Better. Upload your CAD files, and let’s get started.



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