Supported Employment Program

Bluco’s Supported Employment Program (SEP) provides an opportunity for young adults with developmental disabilities to learn vocational, social and life skills in a supported office and manufacturing environment. Bluco’s program draws from Indian Prairie School District’s STEPs program, and provides a bridge from an education to employment. They are coached by Bluco job coaches and contribute to Bluco in significant ways, and we strive to return the favor every day.


Job coaches Alison Grumbles and Stacey Andersen help explain how the SEP team works at Bluco, and the SEP team themselves explain what makes the program important (and enjoyable) for them. Watch our current team of four employees give their honest and personal perspective on a unique program that helps us Make it Better in countless ways.

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We’re proud to announce that our Supported Employment interns became official employees at Bluco this spring. They are adding quite a bit to our day-to-day productivity here at Bluco. To learn more about what this team contributes, the marketing team spent a day trying to learn a few of the tasks they handle. The determination and charisma of these employees made it an incredible learning experience.

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What we’re up to

Our Supported Employment team has been busy over the last few months, helping to Make it Better at Bluco by volunteering alongside other Bluco employees to clean up our adopted trail and doing tasks that help us get work done. From completing small part assembly jobs and packing parts to keeping our facility clean and assisting with day-to-day office tasks. Each job they do helps them build important career skills and helps us all build bonds with one another.



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