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When is a modular solution ideal for machining?

Modular machining fixtures are ideal for short runs and prototypes where volumes are low and part variety is high.

Modular Advantages:

  • Fixtures can be set up in a matter of minutes
  • A single kit of modular fixturing can build 100s of different fixtures
  • Fine tune adjustments to a fixture can be made in seconds
  • Fixturing components are neatly stored in a drawer when not in use
  • Fixtures can be designed in CAD to create simple setup instructions
  • Components are made from high grade, hardened steel to last a lifetime

The design of our modular fixturing system starts with a grid plate custom machined to match any pallet or machine bed size. We use a patented method to accurately install an alternating pattern of bushings and tapped holes. Our hardened tooling components have the same pattern of bushed holes allowing for quick (and accurate) assembly of a modular fixture using precision dowel pins and cap screws. With 100’s of standard modular components to choose from, our engineers can put the right package together for your specific application.



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