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Make it Better at Fabtech 2019

Fabtech 2019 is right around the corner and Bluco is excited to continue our involvement with such a great event.  The energy that is created during the Fabtech show makes it a favorite time of year for us as we interact with new and returning customers alike.

Automation in manufacturing is certainly as hot a topic as ever, with the number of booths demonstrating cobots almost as high as booths showcasing 3D printing technology at recent tradeshows.  Bluco continued to deliver more and more solutions in 2019 that involved some form of automation, whether it is pneumatic clamping options or modular tooling cells integrated with lift-and-rotate positioners.

This inspired us to launch a new company slogan: Make It Better.  In that spirit, we recently posted a story with one of our new customers that is making fire engine cabs.  The early success of that project is due to the tight integration of flexible, modular tooling cells in a factory line setting that incorporates automated part handling technologies to minimize the need for manual rotation or dependence on limited crane availability.

The project also afforded us a unique opportunity to bring a very large part to the Fabtech show as part of our exhibit.  We will have a full-size fire engine cab mounted to one of our 4-ton Manipulators to showcase the time savings and safety benefits of using a Manipulator in your welding or assembly operations. And because these units can be outfitted with our modular fixturing system, the possibilities are endless to Make It Better in your facility. 

Words just cannot do enough to demonstrate these benefits, so make your plans to visit our booth at Fabtech for a full demonstration. For a sneak peek, check out the video we just posted to highlight the major benefits of our Manipulators.

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