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Get Started- Modular Fixturing for Welding

The best way to get started is to choose the area in the welding department that has the most significant problems.  Getting the job done on time, finished goods quality, part rework, excessive costs, lack of fixture storage, keeping up with engineering changes, loss of welding skills as older welders retire and maintaining the competitive edge in the marketplace are problem areas that modular fixturing can address.

Contact the experts in the field and have a CAD design done for one or more of your parts. Then a kit can be considered which will get you started.  Compared to older methods, modular fixturing can double your production and quality.

When the need is great, but the budget is not, systems can be rented.  You can expect on-site training with your system, which will ease the transition.  Once a modular solution is installed, you will wonder how you got along without one for so long!





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