We’ve Got Your Back (safety).  Lift, Tilt & Rotate Parts with a Push of a Button.

Our line of powered manipulators keeps workers safe from injury by letting motors and hydraulics due the heavy lifting.  Instead of saw horses, a crane and brute force to maneuver a weldment into proper position for weld out, these manipulators can lift parts weighing up to 8,000 pounds and rotate or tilt them to the desired position in seconds.  Built for heavy industrial applications.  Built for life.

Fully Adjustable

Lifting range up to 72”; Tilting range 0° - 180°; Infinite rotational range

Heavy-Duty Capacity

Offered in both 2-Ton and 4-Ton lifting capacities with wide variety of modular table top sizes and options

Completely Modular

Entire line of modular fixturing clamping components interface with the table top to secure any size workpiece