A Modular Fixturing System Doesn’t Cost Money – It Makes Money!

Every minute a CNC machining center sits idle while it’s being tooled up for the next job costs companies money.  A modular base plate along with a kit of precision fixturing components can get your machines back up and running and make your company money in less than half the time it takes an operator to manually setup a job.  Our fixtures pin together in minutes, not hours or days, unlike outdated manual setups.

Precision Counts

With tolerances of +/-0.0004” between holes, our modular fixturing system is designed and manufactured to hold the precision you need for CNC machining.

Custom Base Plates

Bluco modular base plates can be customized to fit perfectly for your specific CNC machine model, including quick mount/release configurations.


Have a short term fixturing need or want to try a system before committing to a full purchase? Our modular packages can be rented for as long as you need, with rent-to-own options.