Does Setting up CNC’s for Huge Parts Seem to Take Forever?  Not Anymore.

Imagine cutting set up time in half for large CNC’s like boring mills, bridge mills and gantry style machines.  Our X-Large, heavy-duty fixturing system offers hundreds of precision fixturing components for machinists and fixture designers to choose from to quickly build rigid fixtures on our modular base plates.  In a matter of hours, fixtures are built and machines are cutting chips.

Try Before You Buy

Don’t let new fixturing technology scare your machinists away – bring your parts to our demo center and see a live run-off

How Big is Big?

We build baseplates with precision bushings and threaded holes as large as 2m (80”) wide by 5m (200”) long

Learn from the Best

Make the most of your new fixturing system by having one of our experts stop out and train your staff – free!