Why Build a Dedicated Fixture for a Short Run Job?  There is an Alternative.

Dedicated fixtures are great for mass production, but in this day and age of constant change, low volume jobs, and a need-it-yesterday mentality, a precision modular fixturing system is a far better option in both time and money spent.  A modular tombstone with a single kit of reusable tooling can be used to build an unlimited number of fixtures, and in a fraction of the time, it takes to make a costly dedicated fixture.

Free Exchange Program

You may not end up using every component that comes in a kit, but don’t worry – we exchange both used and unused components

Already Own a Tombstone?

We design modular face plates to attach directly to your existing tombstone so you don’t have to start over

Lifetime Warranty

Our products are built to last and we back that up with a lifetime warranty on everything we make