Just because you've got large weldments like crane booms, train cars or semi-trailers doesn't mean the best fixturing solution is a massive dedicated fixture, or homemade tables linked together. Modular Floor Rail systems are far more economical and accurate.  Our Floor Rail systems allow tables and bridges to be accurately pinned to or rolled along laser calibrated floor rails wherever a fixturing base is needed.  Submit your CAD files today, and we'll help you solve your largest fixturing challenges.


Precision Installation

Professional installation using lasers and templates guarantees the rails will be perfectly aligned


Customized length

Our rail systems start as short as 6’ and can easily go well beyond 100’ in length to fixture any size weldment

Above Grade

Safe mounting options

Prevent tripping in above grade installations with toe guard and decking, or choose sleek flush floor mounting

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5000 mm

6000 mm


1000 mm

1500 mm

2000 mm

FLATNESS 0.25 mm overall
RAIL FINISH Zinc coated
MIN. FLOOR THICKNESS 100 mm above floor rails

150 mm in-floor rails

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