FAQ’s Rentals

Can the tooling be rented?
Yes.  Everything we offer can be rented from large, customized systems down to a single component.  There is no limitation on company size or package configuration for our rental program.  We’ve had both small one-man shops and large fortune 500 corporations take advantage of our affordable yet flexible rental options.
What are the advantages to renting?
The primary advantage of renting versus buying is simply cash flow.  It is significantly less expensive to rent a system to get started.  Justification for purchasing a system can be built with real time studies and cost analysis by using the system in your own shop.  It’s also an ideal and economical short term fixturing solution if you know you won’t need fixturing beyond a certain time period.
Can I lease a system instead of renting?
We used to offer leasing, but with the flexibility of our rental terms, particularly the buyout options, customers have stopped asking for leasing options.  A lease generally locks you into a longer commitment period (minimum 1 year, often longer) whereas our rental program gives you the option of returning a system in as little as one month without any penalties.

What sort of rental terms do you offer?
Our current rental terms offer options of month-to-month (short term), minimum 6 months (standard term) and minimum 12 months (long term).  Each program offers a buyout option at any point or you can simply return the equipment at the end of the contract.  There is also no penalty for extending your rental beyond the minimum term.

How do I get started with a rental system?
Once you have selected a package, whether one of our pre-defined kits or a customize package with the assistance from one of our engineers, we will detail all the rental options and provide a basic rental contract to sign and return.  Once credit has been established and your refundable deposit and first month’s rent has been paid, we’ll ship your system out to you.

Experience the Bluco Difference

At Bluco, we value the partnerships we create with our customers, and we don’t use that word lightly – we genuinely want to be your partner in dramatically improving your day-to-day production and operations.  We look forward to taking this journey together.