FAQ’s Pricing

How can I get pricing?
The simple answer is, just ask.  But, when you call in to ask for pricing, our technical sales team will want to know what type of application you have in mind so they can best provide you with pricing that matches your needs.  We have broken our pricing catalogs down into popular groups: Table and tooling kits for general use, specific project solutions, motorcycle builder’s kits and small business / start up packages.  Contact our sales department at 1-800-535-0135.
What does a system cost?
We get this question all the time and in 20+ years, there is no generic answer. The best way to find out how much a system costs is to tell us in detail about what you’re trying to make and provide us with sample CAD models of upcoming jobs you need to fixture. Our in-house engineering team will be able to give you an exact cost of a system specifically designed around your needs.  If you don’t have CAD models, we can still help you estimate a cost.
Do you sell used equipment?
Yes, but on a limited, first come – first serve basis.  As a byproduct of our popular rental program, we do occasionally receive rental returns which are then inspected, cleaned and reconditioned to be sold at used discounts.  All of our certified reconditioned equipment (CRE) comes with a lifetime warranty and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.   If you’re interested in our used equipment, call to check availability (800-535-0135).
Do you buy back systems?
Yes.  Existing customers who no longer need their Bluco fixturing system should contact our office to learn more about our buyback program.  Before putting your tooling up for auction, give us a call to see how easy it is to sell your system.
Do you sell through distributors?
No. Unlike commodity type products which are commonly sold through regional and national distributor networks, our fixturing solutions are unique to each and every customer.  We have highly trained Fixture Design Engineers on staff to assist our customers in selecting the right package along with our skilled Customer Support Engineers to assist users after delivery.

Experience the Bluco Difference

At Bluco, we value the partnerships we create with our customers, and we don’t use that word lightly – we genuinely want to be your partner in dramatically improving your day-to-day production and operations.  We look forward to taking this journey together.