FAQ’s Non-Welding Applications

Can this tooling be used for machining?
Yes. The system was originally designed for welding, but can be adapted for machining applications by changing out the acme threaded hand clamps to more  traditional style machining clamps (stud bolts, washer, nuts, heal supports, etc.).   We have also made special grid plates with an added pattern of tapped holes for clamping options.
Can your system handle large, heavy parts for machining?
Yes. Large modular grid plates have replaced conventional t-slot beds on larger gantry style machining centers to fixture huge parts for machining.  Special knees have also been developed as well as heavy-duty bridge locators.  Heavy-duty clamping screws (up to 2” in diameter) and hydraulics can be added when necessary.

Can this tooling be used for assembly?
Yes. Though modular tooling by nature is designed to be taken apart frequently and reconfigured for other jobs, some manufacturers have found the tooling to be a more cost effective solution when compared with traditional long-term dedicated assembly fixtures.
How does this tooling hold up in a long term assembly application?
The improved hardening process on all our table bases and locating elements has significantly increased the lifespan of the tooling compared to years ago when hardening wasn’t an option.   Some fixtures have been in an assembly environment for over 5 years without being modified.  Other manufacturers use the tooling for short run assembly applications where changeover is daily.
Has the fixturing ever been used in a testing lab?
Yes.  Both the government and private companies have deployed our tooling in all types of research labs for a variety of applications: Assembly, Bonding, Destructive and Non Destructive Testing, Friction Stir Welding, Gluing, Inspection, Machining, Riveting, etc.



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