FAQ’s Maintenance

How do you prevent spatter from sticking?
Our tables and components are hardened using the latest advancements in hardening technology to help minimize spatter buildup.  Cleanup is now as simple as wiping the berries away with a glove.  Older equipment that has not been hardened should be sprayed with an anti-spatter spray before welding to prevent spatter from sticking.
How do you clean the tables?
First and foremost, Do NOT use a grinder!  With hardened surfaces on all of our steel components, cleanup is rather easy.   Most spatter brushes off, but in the case where someone has burned through the hardness layer, a stone should be used to knock down the spatter.  Holes can be cleaned out using a flapper wheel.  You can also use a Scotch-Brite type pad to give your table that extra shine.
Are the bolts repairable?
Yes.  Our bolts have undergone a number of design enhancements over the years to improve the performance and make servicing them easier.  If a bolt stops working, you can send it in for warranty work (we have a lifetime warranty on everything).  If bolts are just dirty and need to be cleaned, we offer a reconditioning service at a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment.
If I break my clamp, can I buy just a replacement component?
Yes.  But before you buy a replacement component, you should speak with our office to see if your broken clamp is covered under our lifetime warranty.  In most cases, we can get your clamps back in working condition at no charge.  If the clamps are just dirty and in need of a good cleaning, our reconditioning program is available.
Can you refurbish a really old system I bought at an auction?
Yes.  Some of our equipment is now over 20 years old and is being picked up at auctions.  Our reconditioning program will take your old system and breathe new life into it by cleaning, inspecting and hardening all of the tables and steel components.  When you get your system back from reconditioning, it often looks as good as new.

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