FAQ’s Large Applications

How do I fixture parts that are larger than my table?
Our 3-dimensional tables are designed such that outriggers (i.e. angles, U-form blocks, consoles, etc.) can easily be attached to any side of the table to expand the work surface area.  Tables can also be bolted together to make one solid work surface because of the precision machining that goes into each piece.  For extremely long weldments, our floor mounted rail system is more economical solution.
How does your rail system work?
Applications that require long fixtures (ex. longer than 15’ – 20’) benefit from a rail system instead of multiple tables bolted end to end.  Precision machined rails are installed on the floor using a laser to achieve an overall flatness under 0.010” per 100’.  Tables and bridges (with special rail legs) can then be pinned to the rail system where needed.  Our engineers can help identify when a rail system should be used – just ask us.
How large of a part can your tooling handle?
We have designed and built a number of very large fixtures for a variety of industries:  complete bus frames, locomotive engines, battleship gun turrets, airframe structures for wide body jets, construction crane booms, etc.  You can discuss your next large project with our engineering group to see exactly how we would fixture your parts.
How heavy of a part will the tables support?
Our larger tables are rated for up to 13,000 pound capacity but heavier weldments can be fixtured using our rail based system with solid fixture plates attached.  In this case, the only weight limit is what your concrete floor will support.
What’s the largest size table you offer?
Our largest single table measures 6 ½’ x 13’ (2000 x 4000 mm) and weighs over 5,000 lbs, but multiple tables can be joined together to form a base of virtually any size.   Our floor mounted rail system with moveable bridges and tables is a more economical choice for enormous parts as you can place these bridges and tables on the rails only where you need them.

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