Modular fixturing consists of a reusable set of tooling components and tables. These components, when assembled into a welding fixture, can then be taken apart and re-assembled. Welders and fabricators quickly reap the benefits of time savings and cost reductions by switching to modular. This also creates a more organized work area. Contact Bluco today to learn how you can join those who have streamlined and improved the quality of their end products. 

Bluco Storage Racks


Bluco storage racks will put an end to the need to search through racks of old tooling, looking for that one elusive fixture needed to get the job done. With a new welding table and our heavy-duty storage unit that is designed exclusively to hold our tooling components, everything is neatly organized. You can choose from a mobile accessory cart or a fixed storage rack. Multi-table users can simply roll the cart between tables to share components. With Bluco, organizing your fixtures has never been easier.



Portable system makes it easy to travel from weld cell to weld cell while still enjoying the benefits of an organized toolkit.


Built to stock modular toolkits of all sizes and designed to make components easy to find.


Closed-door storage cabinet will help you maintain order and cleanliness.

Save Time with a Bluco Modular Fixturing System

After taking delivery of their first Bluco modular fixturing system, it is not uncommon for new users to report they’ve more than doubled their output without adding labor. Setups are much faster using a precision set of modular tooling. Fine-tune adjustments to a fixture can be made in just minutes. Changeover from one fixture to the next is quick and trouble-free. We encourage you to see for yourself the significant time and cost savings a modular Bluco system will offer.

Welding Table Kit Increase Flexibility

A single welding table kit can be assembled into hundreds of fixtures. Modular fixtures can be built in a matter of minutes by recycling the tooling components from one fixture to another. Fixtures can then be quickly adjusted to handle last minute changes to part design. When documentation from our CAD library is used, fixtures can be rebuilt to exact dimensions. Our engineering department can help select the right kit for your application (800-535-0135).



Highly Accurate Welding Fixture Table

Though there’s a built-in scale and scribed lines in every welding fixture table, the real accuracy comes from the precision bores held to +/-0.001″ tolerance. Fixtures that are built today can be rebuilt a month later with the same results achieved. With the precision tables, angles, and blocks machined flat and square 0.0018/12”, it would be a challenge to get a weldment out of square. flatness


Cost Savings of Bluco Modular Fixtures

When you use Bluco modular fixtures, your savings come in a variety of forms. First, you only have to purchase one system from which you can create an infinite number of fixtures. Second, you save the cost of steel every time you would normally buy material to build a makeshift fixture only to later send it to the recycling center after its useful life is over. Modular fixtures are designed to be reused time and time again. Many of our older customers still use their systems that were originally purchased in the 1990’s.


Homemade Fixture No Fixture Modular Fixture
How often do you have to buy a fixture? Everytime you make a new part Never Once
How long does it take to build a fixture? 1-2 weeks (if you’re nice to your toolmaker) The entire shift A matter of minutes
How easy it is to make changes to a fixture? Don’t Ask Depends on how skilled the welder is A matter of minutes
Where do you store these fixtures? Out back, on shelves, in trailers, on the floor… In your head On a tooling cart and in a computer (CAD)
What if a job repeats? After hours of looking, you find a fixture with missing parts Hope your welder doesn’t call in sick Reconstruct one in minutes
Are fixtures repeatable? Yes Yeah…. Right +/- 0.005”

Fixture Design Optimizes Tooling

When a fixture design accompanies a welding job, the end result is optimized tooling. Modular fixtures can be fully documented in the computer using 3-D CAD models, unlike a conventional dedicated fixture. This means that you can quickly access set-up drawings, procedures, special design details, and fixture revisions when needed. Call to see how you can maximize the use of your system. Our engineers prepare fixture designs for all customers, so your design will be unique to you.fixture-design-2