Similar to our heavy-duty 3-dimensional welding tables, our modular workstations are desgined with all the same features (tight tolerance bores, scribed lines for easy setup, hardened top to resist spatter buildup) but with a smaller footprint and 2-dimensional top.  The comfortable working height of the modular workstations makes this ideal for daily use in welding cells for both prototype and production parts.  The workstations are available in both a stationary and mobile version.  Standard and custom sizes are available. 
Bluco Modular Workstations

Standard Workstations

Our standard workstations are designed to provide a rugged, accurate table surface for welding, grinding, clamping, cutting, assembly, or any other workbench-type activity. 

Bluco Modular Workstations

Mobile Workstations

Our mobile workstations have the same tabletop features as our standard workstations, but include a set of fixed and swivel casters for easy movement around the shop.

Bluco Modular Workstations

Custom Workstations

If a standard or mobile workstation isn’t what you need, Bluco has other options. Different materials, hole patterns or other adjustments may be possible to incorporate into your custom workstation.