Our modular fixturing system for machining greatly reduces the time it takes a machinist to setup a fixture in a CNC mill. From over 250 standard modular pieces to choose from, fixtures can be built for any size or shape part (castings, forgings, weldments, plates, etc.) in a matter of minutes. The reusable tooling can be disassembled when a job is finished and then used to build new fixtures over and over again.  Our design engineers can help select the right package of tooling to fit your needs.

Modular Worktables

Our standard workstations are designed to provide a rugged, accurate table surface for welding, grinding, clamping, cutting, assembly, or any other workbench-type activity. 

Mobile Workstations

Our mobile workstations have the same tabletop features as our standard workstations, but include a set of fixed and swivel casters for easy movement around the shop.