Our fixturing system features over 500 standard tooling components. Over 24 years ago, it all began as an idea for a 3-D welding table and a few basic modular tooling components. Our business has evolved and now offers fixturing solutions which include many patented products. Whether you have a specific application in mind, or are looking for a modular welding system for general shop use, our engineers can tailor a system to meet your needs. Contact Bluco Corporation today to see, firsthand, how our systems can streamline your applications.


Constant Innovation

Our products are continually evolving to offer both improved performance and a wider range of functionality. With feedback from our customers asking for new features and our own design engineering team inventing useful products, there is an endless supply of product improvement ideas.

ANGLESangle_BlucoThe first sets of angles offered were basic steel weldments with a slot on the bottom and holes in the face. As the product developed, we switched to a steel casting with qualified bores on the side as well. A right hand and mirror image left hand were also introduced. Our current design incorporates a qualified top pad, both in a right hand and left hand model. But why stop there; our design engineers are already collecting ideas for the next generation angle
CONSOLESconsole-bluco The original console was a four sided block with two sides having slots for adjustment and the opposite sides having holes for locating and clamping options. We then added a 5-sided block for added versatility. Most recently, we found a need for a mirror image of the 5-sided block so we now offer both a right hand and left hand version.
BOLTSbolts_blucoThese bolts have undergone a number of revisions, each improving on the one before. Our current version is by far the most versatile and user-friendly PC bolt which includes a fully serviceable internal mechanism (makes the lifetime warranty easy to stand by).
TABLEStables_bluco The tables have vastly improved over the last quarter century. The original tables were made of standard steel, single sided and a single density hole pattern. The latest designs include hardened tables with both a double density and high density hole pattern for maximum flexibility.


To protect our investments in research and design on developing new products, a number of our products have been granted U.S. and international patents. Our PC bolts, clamps, and even tables carry with them patents to prevent others from illegally copying our designs while also recognizing the innovation that goes into developing such unique products. As we continue to grow, new, innovative designs will continue to be added to the product line (patented or not) for the benefit of our customers. We look forward to continue leading the way…

Custom Fixturing Solutions

Our welding fixtures are more than a flat, solid welding table. They are one part of an integrated system designed to work seamlessly together. Our components are designed so that they all work within our tight tolerance system. We design the majority of fixtures using off-the-shelf modular pieces, or our engineers can design a hybrid tool that is part-specific, yet still attaches to our system as if it were a modular component. The result is a complete modular system capable of fixturing an unlimited number of future weldments.

custom_solutionStainless steel mobile work stations on floor rails system

custom-solution-Bluco20’ drop frame for a rollover head & tailstock positioner

Custom-solutions-BlucoOctagon fixture plate assembly on the end of a sky hook positioner

bluco_custom_4Rollover fixture with movable end supports for different length parts

custom-fixturing-solutions-Bluco-3Hardened floor plate system

bluco_custom_2Tile and Rotate Positioner

Hardened Welding Fixtures

A hardened welding table comes standard from Bluco. All of our welding tables, angles, blocks, locators, and pins are hardened to protect the system from spatter build-up and corrosion. Our hardening process has been perfected over time. It will keep tables from distorting while still yielding a 55 Rockwell (C-scale) surface hardness. Customers who purchased their systems before we offered this product enhancement can still have their tables and components hardened to take advantage of all the added benefits of hardening. 

Precision Weld Table

Bluco-Precision-Weld-TableEvery precision weld table we deliver is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. The tooling components, such as angles, blocks, alignment pins, etc. are also held to these stringent quality specs.  This ensures an accurate fixture to start with, and guarantees repeatability. Both our new and certified reconditioned equipment adhere to these same high standards. Our tables maintain an extremely high tolerance requirement with bores located +/- 0.001” apart and flatness at 0.0018”/foot.

Laser Calibration

calibrateAll of our tables undergo a laser inspection process before and after hardening to ensure only the highest quality tables are delivered to our customers. With a stringent table flatness of 0.0018”/12” and bore locations +/-0.001”, customers can trust work coming off the tables will be made to the highest of standards.

Versatile Welding Table Top Design

bluco_hole_patternThe original hole pattern design in our welding table top had a 100 x 100mm grid. We have since improved our tables by adding a 50mm offset pattern of holes. This essentially doubles the number of bores in the surface. This added feature is now standard in all of the tables we deliver. Users appreciate the double density pattern of holes. There are now twice as many fixturing locations available.

Heavy Duty Welding Tables

Bluco_heavy-duty1 Our heavy duty welding tables were tested to calculate a weight capacity for each size using both FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and conventional loading. Under a concentrated load of up to 14,000 pounds (i.e. all the weight is focused on the center of the table), the results showed deflection anywhere from 0.008” to 0.048” depending on which table size was being tested. After the weight was removed, all of the tables returned to their original flatness with no measurable trace of permanent deflection.

Leg Capacity: 1,500 Kg (3,000 pounds per leg)
D28 Table Thickness: 25mm (1″) Ribbed and Gusseted
D16 Table Thickness 12.5mm (1/2″) Ribbed and Gusseted