Bluco Rollover Fixture

Wheel rotates 360° in 22.5° increments. Custom increments available.

Expandable Base
Expands for maximum flexibility. Custom swing diameters available.

removable-bearing-assemblyRemovable Bearing Assembly
Can be mounted directly to a Bluco table.
locking-foot-brakeLocking Foot Brake
Prevents fixture from rolling.
rotary-groundRotary Ground
Puts an end to tangled ground leads.


Basic Rollover Fixtures


Minimum Spacing Between
Head & Tailstock: 1,000 mm (3’)


Maximum Spacing Between
Head & Tailstock: 4,000 mm (13’)

Our basic rollover fixture includes a pair of universal adapter plates on the headstock and tailstock to secure fixtures. These adapter plates are compatible with any of Bluco's modular spines, allowing for more project versatility. Heavy duty casters allow the fixture to be moved with ease, and a foot brake can be locked to keep the rollover fixture from moving. A large captain's wheel with hand brake is all that's needed to roll the fixture to a desired position.


Picture Frame Rollover Fixtures


Minimum Frame Size:
1000 x 700mm (40” x 28”)


Maximum Frame Size:
2000 x 700mm (78” x 28”)

The picture frame rollover fixtures are designed with four modular blocks pinned together to form a rectangle between the headstock and tailstock. These modular blocks have the same precision hole pattern as our welding tables and tooling components. A number of different configurations can be made with various sized modular blocks, depending on the rollover application. All of the modular blocks are machined to exact tolerances and hardened to last a lifetime. Speak to one of our engineers to help choose the right options for your shop.


Face Plate Rollover Fixtures


Universal Face Plate Option


Modular Face Plate Option
2000 x 700mm (78” x 28”)

Our face plate rollover fixtures are designed for parts (up to 480 lbs) that need to attach to a single faceplate rather than a headstock and tailstock rollover. We offer both a universal faceplate design and a family of modular faceplates with our precision pattern of bores included. All of our standard tooling fits nicely in the modular faceplates giving the user plenty of options to choose from when building a fixture. The extendable wheel base provides a solid, sturdy structure when rotating parts manually.


Modular Spines


Minimum Spacing Between
Head & Tailstock: 1,000 mm (3’)


Maximum Spacing Between
Head & Tailstock: 4,000 mm (13’)

We offer both heavy duty modular rollover fixtures (capacity up to 1,000 lbs) and lighter duty versions (capacity up to 250 lbs) depending on the application. Our engineers can help select the rollover model to match the application. Each modular rollover fixture has a pair of unique adjustable head and tailstock interface plates which allows the user to adjust the center spine up or down to help balance the center of gravity. An optional rotating ground connector is available for those who want to weld on the fixture without getting the cords tangled during rotation.


Custom Jig Fixture Design

rollover-jig-fixture-designFor more than 25 years, we have specialized in jig fixture design for virtually any size and shape weldment our customers are working with. Our full-time engineering staff is well-trained and experienced in all aspects of welding and fabricating. Weld fixtures can be designed to be put in rotation on a manual or powered rollover for easier weld access. Tooling kits can be customized to meet your specific application. Speak with an experienced Bluco engineer to tailor a rollover fixturing package for your next welding project.