Where can I see a system in use?
We can put you in touch with local users (if they are agreeable), but for a more comprehensive look at our system, we recommend either visiting our showroom, seeing us at a trade show or bringing your parts to our validation center.
What is your Validation Center all about?
We have a dedicated portion of our shop outfitted with all sorts of modular tooling tables, components and kits. You can bring in your loose pieces and work with an engineer to setup and weld out your parts complete. This will give you an opportunity to see how our tooling performs with your specific parts. This is an entirely free service we offer to help educate companies on the value of modular tooling.
What if I can’t make it to your Validation Center?
Though we’re located just outside Chicago, some companies can’t get to our facility or don’t have the time.   You can still send your parts to our validation center and we’ll design & build the fixtures and even weld your parts without you being present.  We’ll record everything with video and pictures and send you a summary when we’re done so you can see the process and the results.
Can I have a salesperson visit my facility?
Yes, but before we come out to take a tour of your facility and see where our tooling can make improvements, we would prefer to look at some drawings or CAD models of weldments you need help fixturing.  We will be better prepared to make specific recommendations and can also bring the correct demo equipment (with over 400 different components, we have a lot to choose from).
Can I try a system out in my own shop?
Yes.  Our popular rental program provides you the opportunity to try a complete system out in your shop.  The minimum rental period is one month which will give you ample time to see how well the system performs under your manufacturing conditions.  We even provide free on-site training to help you make the most of your modular system.