Can this tooling be used for robotic welding?
Robots and programmers love our modular tooling setups because of the tremendous accuracy and ease of use.  We have built and delivered fixtures for robots of all styles (head & tailstock, rotary table, floor mounted table, positioner, carousel, overhead gantry, pedestal mounted, etc.).  Our engineering department can help integrate a modular fixturing system to optimize your new or existing robot.
How do I ensure that my heavy part won’t fall out of my robot fixture when it turns over?
Safety is always a concern when parts are in motion.  Our heavy-duty clamps that can generate up to 2,000 lbs of holding force are recommended over our standard clamps which produce 300 – 400 lbs.  We will often design rollover fixtures with positive safety stops and locking clamps to ensure parts remain fully seated in the fixture regardless of what orientation the positioner is turned to.
Can I manually rollover a fixture?
Many customers design their own rollover fixtures.  When doing so, positive rotational locks should be designed to keep a fixture fixed when set at a particular setting.  A friction brake should also be incorporated into the design in order to keep the fixture from swinging too fast if the center of gravity is not balanced.  Our engineering team can share past designs with your organization should you have a need to manually rollover a fixture.
How do I know what kit to buy for my new robot?
Because there are many different styles of robots and each customer has a different application, there is no one single kit that is geared for robotic fixturing.  However, you can submit a CAD model of the weldments you’d like to fixture on your robot and our engineering department will work with you to develop a modular kit that is ideal for your specific application (and we don’t charge for these fixture designs!).
My robot is very repeatable.  How repeatable is your tooling?
Every component in our system, from our large tables all the way down to our smallest locator blocks, is precision machined to the highest standards in the industry.  Bore locations are held ±0.001” between centers which ensures fixtures will be spot on accurate each and every time.