To build a crane from an Erector Set® kit or a plane from a box of Legos®, you rely on their design engineers to have customized the package you buy rather than take a guess on what components you’ll need. Our modular tooling, though far more heavy-duty, is very similar in concept. An engineered solution for your specific application is a far better choice than thumbing through a catalog and guessing what you need. If you have a specific project in mind or are just looking for a basic tooling kit and table to be used in everyday welding, our experienced engineering team will work with you to make sure the fixturing package we recommend (or you select) will be the best solution. Taking advantage of our free fixture deisgn services is rather easy
1 Send us drawings of your application (localhost:8888/fileupload)
2 Receive a 3-D fixture design (our engineers will go over the fixture concept with you in detail via an on-line meeting).
3 After revisions are made, if any are needed, a quotation will be provided including purchase, rental and leasing options
4 When you’re ready, we will ship your system (generally from stock)