Adjusting a workpiece to a comfortable, safe position no longer has to be done with a hook from an overhead crane and a pair of saw horses. We offer both standard and custom designed positioners for all types of applications. Whether it’s a manual rollover fixture to safely flip something upside down or a powered manipulator needed to put your workpiece in a variety of positions, all of our solutions work together seamlessly with our precision line of modular fixturing.

Standard Rollover Fixtures

Rollover frames can accommodate up to 3,400 lbs and range from 3’ – 13’ (1,000 – 4,000 mm) between headstock and tailstock.

Heavy-Duty Rollover Fixtures

Custom designed rollover fixtures integrate directly to our floor rail system for infinite lengths

Powered Manipulators

With the push of a button, you can raise, lower, tilt or rotate your weldment to a comfortable working position.