Modular machining fixtures are ideal for short runs and prototypes where volumes are low and part variety is high.


  • Fixtures can be set up in a matter of minutes
  • A single kit of modular fixturing can build 100s of different fixtures
  • Fine tune adjustments to a fixture can be made in seconds
  • Fixturing components are neatly stored in a drawer when not in use
  • Fixtures can be designed in CAD to create simple setup instructions
  • Components are made from high grade, hardened steel to last a lifetime

Reduce Fixture Setup Times

Bluco's modular fixturing will greatly reduce fixture setup times compared to that of building dedicated fixtures or open setups with 1-2-3 blocks and toe clamps on a t-slotted bed. The dowel pin system allows for quick connection of stops, risers, v-blocks, and other qualified locators onto the grid plate. Fixtures can be designed and ready to use in just a few hours. If a job repeats, the fixture can be reassembled in under 30 minutes. Lengthy setup times are no longer a factor when working with the Bluco modular fixturing system. arrow

Fixture Built In Just 12 Minutes

Lower Fixture Costs

Bluco_lower Fixture_costs
A single investment in a Bluco modular fixturing system will generally pay for itself in just 8 – 10 fixtures. The more modular fixtures built will result in additional savings added to the bottom line.

Modular Jig System Neatly Organized

Bluco_machining_storageA few simple drawers is all that's needed to organize a complete Bluco modular jig system. Racks and racks of old dedicated fixtures can be replaced with a single fixturing system, which is neatly stored in drawers and ready to be assembled. When the job is complete, fixtures are disassembled and the components are put away back in the drawers for future use.

Fast Changeover with Modular Baseplates

Changeover from one job to the next is fast and simple using a pair of modular baseplates.  A sub plate with precision receiver bushings is permanently attached to the bed of the mill.  Modular plates can then be quickly attached with four ball lock bolts.  While the mill is running one job, the operator can be setting up another job on a workbench.  When the cycle is complete, grid plates are switched by removing the four ball lock bolts and switching fixtures.  Idle spindle time is minimized with this simple changeover procedure.


1st Operation Fixture in Mill


2nd Operation Fixture built off-line