The design of our modular fixturing system starts with a grid plate custom machined to match any pallet or machine bed size. We use a patented method to accurately install an alternating pattern of bushings and tapped holes. Our hardened tooling components have the same pattern of bushed holes allowing for quick (and accurate) assembly of a modular fixture using precision dowel pins and cap screws. With 100’s of standard modular components to choose from, our engineers can put the right package together for your specific application.

CNC Modular Fixtures vs. Dedicated

Every CNC machining center needs some type of fixture, whether it be modular or dedicated. While dedicated fixtures have been traditionally used for longer running production jobs, modular fixtures lend themselves well to shorter batch runs and prototypes. Both are rugged in design to stand up to machining forces without having to compromise feeds and speeds. However, modular fixtures can quickly and accurately be assembled into any number of new fixtures with little to no additional cost.

CNC Modular Fixtures vs. Dedicated
Build Time? 1 Hour 1 – 2 weeks
Storage (when not in use)? Disassembled in a drawer On a shelf with all the other dedicated fixtures not in use
Retrieving Fixtures from Storage? Reassemble fixture by following step by step instructions (just like Legos only far more accurate) Send out an expedition team to hunt through the sea of old dedicated fixtures laying around
Modifications due to engineering changes? Move blocks to different locations in just minutes Cut up, grind, re-weld, re-machine fixture or start over depending on changes

Modular Grid Plates

Our modular grid plates are custom manufactured to match the pallet size or bed configuration of each CNC machining center. A standard pattern of bushed (+/- 0.0004” / 12” between bore centers) and tapped holes are included in each plate along with engraved letters and numbers identifying columns and rows. Larger plates (up to 6’ x 20’) include a pattern of precision locating bores (+/- 0.001” / 12”) and tapped holes as well. All baseplates are finished ground to a nominal size.


Precision Modular Tombstones

For horizontal CNC machining centers, we offer 2 and 4-sided modular tombstones with removable grid plates. Each plate includes a pattern of bushed and tapped holes. All of our fixturing components are designed to plug directly into these bores with precision dowel pins and socket head cap screws. We can also build custom sized modular grid plates to attach to a customer’s existing tombstone. Our engineers can help you select the right size grid plate or tombstone for your application.

2-Sided Modular Tombstones
4-Sided Modular Tombstones

Hardened Fixturing for Machining

Fixturing for Machining
To withstand the wear and tear of daily use, the Bluco modular fixturing system for machining is hardened to 58 – 62 Rc and then precision ground to exact dimensions. The bushings used in our baseplates and locating components are also hardened to ensure they won’t lose their tolerance from repeated use. Systems that were installed nearly 25 years ago are still in use today due to the high quality, precision ground hardened components inherent in our modular fixturing system.

Precision CNC Modular Fixturing

Our precision CNC modular fixturing holds extremely tight tolerances between bore centers (±0.01 mm / 500 mm = ±.0004” / 20”). We are able to achieve this level of accuracy in all of our grid plate bores as well as bores in the individual components as a result of the patented method of manufacturing we use. Tight tolerances ensure a solid, accurate fixture is built when the locating and clamping elements are assembled together.Bluco_precision_3


Professional Fixturing Design

Bluco engineers offer free fixturing design to new customers in order to help them choose the right package of modular fixturing for their vertical or horizontal CNC's. CAD files can be uploaded to our secure server in order for our engineers to get a look at the type of parts that need to be machined. With our CAD database of standard modular components and nearly 25 years of experience in tool design, we can design modular fixtures for nearly any size or shape part in a very short timeframe.Bluco_machine-_fixture_design

Rent a Bluco System for Short Term Needs

Customers may choose to rent a Bluco system for their short term fixturing needs. We offer low cost, monthly rental options on all of our fixturing packages. Renting a system can temporarily provide fixturing while a dedicated fixture is being built or repaired. Renting also allows customers to prove out modular fixturing will work in their environment before purchasing a system. The cost to rent a complete system for a month is generally much less than the money and time spent to build dedicated fixtures.

One Kitunlimited_bluco_kitUnlimited Fixtures

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Price Range of Bluco Modular Fixturing


How much does a system cost?

Before we can answer that, we will need to know some basic information first:

    • What size grid plate is needed?
    • How many grid plates are needed?
    • What size fixturing system is needed for the type of parts machined?
    • What type of machine will the parts be run in (horizontal or vertical CNC)?
    • Which modular components are best suited for the application?
    • How many components are needed?

Speak with one of our engineers who specialize in designing modular fixtures and tailoring packages to get an accurate price on a system.


Bluco’s fixturing solutions come in all different shapes and sizes.